Giredmet yesterday, today, tomorrow - ГИРЕДМЕТ
Giredmet yesterday, today, tomorrow

The State Research and Design Institute of the Rare Metal Industry (JSC Giredmet) is the leading coordinating research and design organization of the materials science profile of the Rosatom State Corporation, specializing in the development of new materials based on rare metals, their compounds and alloys, high-purity substances, semiconductor materials, nanomaterials and nanotechnologies.

The main activities of the Institute “Giredmet”:

The modern development of JSC Giredmet is aimed at building a qualitatively new and world-class system of scientific and applied research and development, as well as innovative industries that would ensure high competitiveness of the Institute’s services and products, thereby creating conditions for continuous sustainable development.

In 2022, efforts were made at Giredmet JSC to formulate and solve new scientific and applied tasks, including interdisciplinary and focused on the development and creation of products and technologies with high added value, as well as having export potential. So, in addition to a number of promising products and technologies, the formation of a group of new scientific directions for the institute related to the development of materials and technologies for hydrogen energy, as well as metal-ion energy storage began.

Among the export-oriented products of JSC Giredmet, one can note especially pure compounds of RM and REM, individual REM, materials of IR optics and photonics, indium antimonide antimonide plates, semiconductor materials, scintillation crystals, etc.


In order to strengthen the role of Giredmet JSC in the development of the domestic science-intensive industry, initiate new, breakthrough developments, preserve and further develop the creative potential of specialists and scientific schools, the following priority areas are identified and formulated in the long-term development strategy of Giredmet JSC.

  • Semiconductor materials
  • Optical materials and materials for photonics
  • Especially pure RM and REM and their compounds
  • Hydrometallurgical technologies for separation and extraction of RM, REM and precious metals
  • Technologies for the production of rare and rare earth metals, alloys and powders based on them
  • Materials and technologies of electrochemical energy converters
  • Материалы и технологии электрохимических накопителей энергии
  • Chemical analysis, testing and certification of mineral raw materials, metals and materials
  • Design, engineering, automation and digitalization

Institute “Giredmet” carries out a full cycle of works from scientific research, design of equipment, design of enterprises, to the start-up of plants and field supervision of their construction and operation. According to the projects developed by the Giredmet Institute, enterprises were built whose products ensure the development of domestic electronics, nuclear energy, instrumentation, aviation, rocket and space technology, modern means and systems of communication, navigation, microwave, infrared, superconducting technology.

Institute “Giredmet” takes part in the formation and implementation of the most important innovative projects of national importance in accordance with the priority areas of development of science, technology and technology of the Russian Federation in the field of creating new materials and technologies, national priority projects.

The prospects for innovative activities of the Giredmet Institute are associated with the advanced development of research and development in the field of creating nanomaterials, structural and functional materials for new generations of technologies and equipment to ensure the strengthening of Russia’s strategic security, increasing the competitiveness of the Russian economy in the high-tech market.