About Institute


JSC “Giredmet” SRC RF,  Federal State Research and  Develpment Institute of Rare Metal Industry ("Giredmet"), 

leads and coordinates research and design efforts in exploring new materials based on rare metals, their compounds and alloys, high-purity substances, semiconductor materials, nanomaterials and nanotechnologies.


Core activities of “Giredmet” Institute include:

  • Nanomaterials and nanosystems.
  • Pioneering technologies for manufacturing materials utilizing rare metals, alloys and alloy additions for applications in strategic industries.
  • Technologies for manufacturing semiconductor materials applied in electronics industries.
  • Design of high-technology chemical and metallurgical production facilities that utilize advanced resource-saving processes and fabricate products, including those of dual purpose, for key industries.
  • Quality diagnostics and metrological assurance, the functions of a leading and coordinating certification centre for rare and precious metals, and semiconductor materials.

plazma(1).jpg“Giredmet” Institute performs full cycle of works, starting from scientific concept, equipment development, plants engineering to author supervision of their construction and production start-up. The projects developed by “Giredmet” became the basis for establishment of companies producing goods used in the process of domestic electronics, instrumentation and space technology, modern facilities and communication systems, navigation, microwave, infrared, superconducting equipment development.

“Giredmet” takes part in development and implementation of major innovative projects of national importance in accordance with the priority areas of science, technology and engineering in creation of new materials and technology, and national priority projects.

The Institute demonstrates organic combination of basic and applied science, ensuring creation and development of promising research directions and practical implementation of research development and design solutions.

Prospects for innovation activity of “Giredmet” are associated with advanced research and development in the field of nanomaterials, structural and functional materials for new generations of technologies and techniques to ensure strengthening of strategic security of Russia, improving competitiveness of Russian economy in high-tech market.