collage.png Federal State Research and Design Institute of Rare-Metal Industry “Giredmet” obtained high scientific and technical efficiency in high technology research of rare, rare-earth and precious metals and their compounds.

We carry out detail research of rare, nonferrous and ferrous metals ore and non-metallic raw products material constitution, establishment of ore chief technological properties by technological mineralogy method and selection of the most efficient and active approaches for enrichment and metallurgical processing.

The institute performs combined methods development work (combining enrichment and hydrometallurgy methods) for effective anthropogenic wastes recycling.

Our scientists developed fine cleaning and silver and thallium galogenide nanocrystal growth methods used for creation of different optical devices. They conduct researches directed at the development of synthesis and inorganic compounds decontamination technologies by deriving special purity elements.

“Giredmet” specialists developed material production technologies for traditional and alternative types of power engineering. They also created gallium arsenide nanocrystal production technology which is basic for discrete devices and microwave band integrated circuit.

Luminescent material receipts based on rare-earth metal compounds developed in the Institute have multiple purposes and can be used in medicine, plant growing and criminalistics.

Scientists of our institute research physical properties, structure and local composition of semiconducting materials, alloys and compounds based on rare metals; carry out development of new materials for electronic, electrical and chemical industries.

Fundamental tasks of dislocation formation and interaction processes study are being solved in “Giredmet”. We have wide set of modern methods for various properties and structure peculiarities of monocrystals, blades and semiconducting and dielectric material epitaxial structure research.