Wave-length resolution spectrometer ARL Optim’X (Applied Research Laboratories, Switzerland)
Express analysis of substances and materials in the range from 0,05 to 100 % mass.
Inductive connected plasma mass spectrometer (Varian, Australia)
ОDetection of element and isotopic composition of substances and materials. Detection limits are 10-5-1 % mass.
Inductive connected plasma atomic emission spectrometer (Thermo Electron Corp., USA)
Spectrometer has semiconductor CID detector, which provides simultaneous measurement of all analytical lines included in method and record of background next to lines.
Direct current arc and photoelectric registration atomic emission spectrograph
Spectrograph is equipped with Multichannel Analyzer of Emission Spectrum (MAES). For spectrum excitation, general-purpose generator “Globe lightning 25” is used together with special tripod “Globula”.
Photoelectron and Auger spectrometer Eshalab MK-P (VG, England)
Detection of element composition and chemical state in surface layers with depth resolution of 0.5-2.0 nm and surface resolution of 0.5 mcm.
Translucent electron microscope 200CX (JEOL, Japan)
Study of semiconductor material thin foil structure; accelerating voltage is 200kV, dot resolution is 0,55 nm.
Spark chamber mass spectrometer JMS 01B2 (JEOL, Japan)
Used for spark mass spectrum element and isotopic analysis of solid high purity substances and materials, metal powders, oxides, ores and concentrates. Standard and modernized ion source. Resolution is 7000, geometry is by Mattauh-Herzog. Accelerating voltage is up to 30 kV, sample surface scanning system, mass spectrum record.
Double-beam atomic absorption spectrophotometer GBC Sens Dual (GBS, Australia)
Express detection of nonferrous, rare and precious metals in raw materials, half-finished products, compounds and alloys.
Atomic absorption spectrophotometer Z3030 (Perkin Elmer, U.S.A.)
Used for detection of microimpurities in solutions of rare, nonferrous and precious metals and their compounds. Detection range is 10-6-0,01 % mass. Background correction is by Zeemann; power is 2 kW; automatic sampler; electrothermal atomization; monochromatic radiation source - hollow cathode lamp.
Humidity analysator (Kern & Sohn, Germany)
Humidity analysator MRS 120-3 is used for express and precise determination of material humidity in liquid, porous and solid substances, which is based on thermogravimetric analysis.
Cleaning ultrasonic bath (Retsch®, Germany)
Ultrasonic bath RETSCH softly and intensively cleans redresser sieves, microprecision sieves, glass and metal parts, as well as metallurgical and geological samples, glasses, jewellery or coins. In addition to cleaning, ultrasonic baths can be used in other working processes.
Planetary-type ball mill PM 100 (Retsch®, Germany)
Planetary-type ball mill RETSCH is used for grinding and stirring soft, medium-hard and super-hard, brittle and fiber materials. Minerals, ores, metal alloys, chemicals, glass, ceramics, plant parts, soil, sewage sludge, industrial and domestic wastes and many other materials can be grinded fast and lossless. Planetary-type ball mills are used almost in all industry branches, where high demands to grinding smoothness, speed, finite fineness and result reproducibility are made.
Laboratory hydraulic press CARVER (CARVER®, U.S.A.)
Laboratory hydraulic press is used for production of pelleted samples in special press forms at sample preparation for physical-chemical study, particularly for substance element analysis by X-ray spectral fluorescence method and infrared Fourier spectroscopy method. It is developed specially for equipping production analytical and research laboratories.
Convection drying chamber (Thermo SCIENTIFIC, U.S.A.)
Drying chambers are used for drying, heating, burning, evaporation, sterilization and various tests of materials in laboratory conditions. It is ideal equipment for vessel drying, nonflammable crystal chemical substance drying and/or heating, crucible or other containers preheating and paper filter drying.
Vibratory disk mill RS 200 (Retsch®, Germany)
Vibratory disk mill RETSCH is used for fast lossless grinding of solid, brittle and fiber materials, sample preparation for spectral analysis. Reliable design of the mill allows to use it in construction materials sector (cement), in geology, mineralogy and at electric power plants. It especially suits for grinding of various materials.
Analytical sifter AS 200 control (Retsch®, Germany)
Analytical sifters RETSCH are used in such areas, as research and developments, incoming, intermediate and outgoing product quality inspection, as well as for control of production where comparable and replicable sifter results are required.
Gaseous mass spectrometer QMG-511 (Balzers, Liechtenstein)
Used for gas mixture impurities detection in the range of 10-4-10 % volume %. Quadrupole analysator resolution is 2М; high vacuum up to 10-8mm Hg is reached using turbomolecular pump; warmed inflow system; analysis of aggressive gas products is allowed.
Automatic microdensitometer MDM-6 (Oxford Instruments, England)
Mass spectrum quantitative processing, software, possible scanning steps are 2,5 mcm and 5 mcm
Arc source diffraction grating spectrograph DFS-8 (LOMO, USSR)
Used for detection of impurities in metals and their compounds. Detection limits are 10-5-0,1 % mass. Diffraction grating is 600 lines/mm; dispersion is 0,6 nm/mm; generator power is 2 kW; photographic recording.
Plasma spectrometer JY 38 (Jobin Yvon, France)
Used for analysis of element composition of substances and materials in the form of solutions. Detection limits are 0,001-50 % mass; sequential analysis; EIS-plasma; power is 2,5 kW, frequency is 27,12 MHz; diffraction grating is 180 lines/mm.
Atomic-force and tunnel microscope (ITEF, Russia)
Measurement and mapping of surface morphology with depth resolution of 0.1 nm and surface resolution of 0.5 nm.
Optical Fourier spectrometer (Brucker, Germany)
Measurement of semiconductor material optical parameters. Spectral region is 2-1000 mcm, resolution is 0.1 cm-1, operating temperature is 5-350 К.
Comebacks-Microbeam Content X-ray microanalyzer (Cameca, France)
Point content measurement, surface locality is 1 mcm, and relative accuracy is 2%; sample content mapping
Spreading resistance measurement unit ASR-100C (SSM, U.S.A.)
Used for electrical heterogeneity detection with resolution of 8-9 mcm. Resistance measurement range is 10-4 -103 Ohm.cm
Scanning electron microscope SEM-515 (Phillips, Holland)
Study of structure peculiarities of wide range of materials, nanocomposites, etc. Magnifying is up to 40000 times, accelerating voltage is 40 kV, attachment for studying in the mode of induced current.
Gamma-ray spectrometer system based on IN-96 analyzers and large semiconductor detectors(Intertechnique, France)
The device is used for γ-measurements at sample radioactivity study. Ge-detector has volume of 200cm3, energy resolution is 2 Kev and by γ-line is 1330 Kev. Detection efficiency is 45,5 %. Multichannel analyzer has 8000 channels and full software package.
Spectrophotometer SP 800B (Pye Unicam, England)
Used for chlorine, phosphorus and sulfur detection in solutions. Spectral range is 190-900 nm, absorption is 0,03-3. Detected content range is 10-3-0,1 % mass.