Method for processing titanium-containing raw material (2379365)
RF Patent for an invention № 2379365
Published: 23.06.2008


Patent holder (s):
PJSC “State Research and Design Institute of Rare-Metal Industry “Giredmet”


Yuri Nikolayevich Parkhomenko, Eugeny Vladimirovich Vygovsky, Yuri Nikolayevich Nazarov, Vladimir Aleksandrovich Krokhin, Nikolay Vasilyevich Tulyakov, Raphael Sultanovich Islamov


1. Method for processing titanium-containing raw material resulting in production of titanium tetrachloride, which includes preparation of mix material, charging it into chlorinator together with metal chloride melt, chlorination by feeding chlorine-containing agent through 4 inputs into metal chloride melt, using continuous melt restitution resulting in production of gas-vapor mixture containing titanium tetrachloride, salt post-treatment of gas-vapor mixture by salt melt of alkali metal chlorides and treatment in spray-type scrubber using impurity chloride condensation in liquid titanium tetrachloride pulp used as reflux liquid in scrubber, circulation of generated pulp in spray-type scrubber circuit and chlorinator circuit, condensate separation of titanium tetrachloride in spray-type condenser, and differs by using chlorine gas and/or anode chlorine gas as chlorine-containing agent during chlorination while feeding it with linear speed of 70-140 m/s in every input, performing pulp delivery from spray-type scrubber into chlorinator circuit with pulp temperature of 70-110°С along with contacting pulp with gas-vapor mixture exhausted from chlorinator and then with metal chloride melt surface at melt surface water concentration of 1,5-4,5 t/m2 per hour, performing salt treatment of gas-vapor mixture by contacting gas-vapor mixture flow exited from chlorinator, using alkali metal chloride melt surface at linear speed of gas-vapor mixture flow above melt of 25-100 cm/s and maintaining melt temperature is 350-400°С, having alkali metal free chlorides concentration of 0,5-3,0 mass.% and treating melt surface layer by inert gas flow with feed rate of 40-120 m3.

2. Process according to Cl.1 differs by dissolving spent melt in weak solution of hydrochloric acid after salt treatment of gas-vapor mixture, with further filtration of produced pulp, sweetening iron and aluminum chlorides containing filtrate to рН 3-5, with further drying the produced iron and aluminum hydroxide mixture deposition and producing vendible product - fine-grained coagulant.

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