Process for producing carbon-contained surface (2374358)
RF Patent for an invention № 2374358
Published: 27.11.2009


Patent holder (s):
PJSC “State Research and Design Institute of Rare-Metal Industry “Giredmet”


P.A. Averichkin, V.A. Kal’nov, E.A. Kozhukhova, B.N. Levonovich, Y.P. Maishev, Y.N. Parkhomenko, S.L. Shevchuk, A.A. Shlyonsky


The invention relates to technology of protective carbon-contained coating production by pyrolysis of organic-siloxane compounds and can be used in planar technology of solid-state electronics, as well as in lithographic processes while forming organic-siloxane actinium resists and masking carbon-contained surfaces based on them for production of photomasks or ion etching of planar structures. Organic siloxanes are deposited on the substrate in the form of thin organic-siloxane film with silicon and carbon atomic ratio equal to 1,0: (1,0÷4,0); after deposition, annealing at temperature of 450÷650°С in inert atmosphere at moisture content by dew point no higher than minus 60°С and with ageing during 120÷30 min is performed. In particular cases of embodiment, organic siloxane deposition on substrate surface is performed by organic siloxane oligomer centrifugation from solutions, or by thermal vacuum sputtering of organic siloxane oligomers, or from gas-vapor or liquid phase of organic-silane monomers, or by actinolithography producing organic siloxane film in the form of continuous uniform layers or masking surfaces. Process of producing strong and homogeneous carbon-contained coatings with thickness of 0,08÷0,47 mcm, resistivity of 20÷60 Ohm cm and argon ion plasma etching rate of 0,09÷0,11 nm/s is simplified.

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