Process for producing yttrium microcrystalline powder (2361699)
RF Patent for an invention № 2361699
Published: 20.07.2009


Patent holder (s):
PJSC “State Research and Design Institute of Rare-Metal Industry “Giredmet”


Y.B. Patrikeev, N.S. Vorobyova, T.G. Sochenkova


The invention relates to rare metal metallurgy, particularly to processes for producing yttrium high purity microcrystalline powder. Double complex yttrium and potassium chloride is reduced by lithium at temperature of 450-720°С in inert atmosphere and at increased pressure. Produced reacting mass is heated at rate of 3-5°С per minute up to temperature which is 60-300°С higher than reduction temperature; and then vacuum separation at temperature of 750-780°С and rarefaction of НО"4 mm Hg is performed. Production of yttrium microcrystal metal powder, having minimum content of oxygen and gas-producing impurities and characterized by high dispersion, is provided.

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