Process for hardening dislocation-free silicon plates (2344210)
RF Patent for an invention № 2344210
Published: 20.01.2009


Patent holder (s):
PJSC “State Research and Design Institute of Rare-Metal Industry “Giredmet”


M.V. Mezhenny, M.G. Mil’vidsky, V.Y. Reznik


Patent claim:

1. Process for hardening monocrystalline dislocation-free silicon plates, which differs by two-stage thermal treatment of plates with oxygen content of 6•1017 – 9•1017 cm-3 in inert atmosphere, initially at temperature of 1000-1200 С during 10-15 min, and then at temperature of 600-650 С during 8,0-0,5 hours, with the following air cooling.

2. Process according to Cl. 1, which differs by performing thermal treatment in argon atmosphere.

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