Process for growing А3В5 type semiconductor compound monocrystals (2327824)
RF Patent for an invention № 2327824
Published: 27.06.2008


Patent holder (s):
PJSC “State Research and Design Institute of Rare-Metal Industry “Giredmet”


A.V. Markov, B.N. Sharonov


The invention relates to the area of monocrystal growing by vertical oriented crystallization and can be used in technology of semiconductor compound monocrystal growth to produce bulk crystals with high structural perfection. The process includes crucible crystallization of melt at seed crystal which is located in the bottom part of crucible and which cross-section area is much smaller than crucible basic section. Monocrystal with dislocation lines located mainly at an angle from 45 grades to vertical and more is used as seed crystal; in addition, monocrystal containing isovalent doping impurity, having concentration of more than 1018 atoms per cm3 , can be used as seed crystal. Technological effect of the invention is reduction of dislocation density in growing monocrystals and, appropriately, increase of major diameter monocrystal quality.

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