Process for producing metal tantalum (2219269)
RF Patent for an invention № 2219269
Published: 20.12.2003


Patent holder (s):
PJSC “State Research and Design Institute of Rare-Metal Industry “Giredmet”


A.V. Elyutin, A.E. Nikitin, V.V. Ivanov, I.A. Medvedev, D.A. Medvedev, A.A. Semin, S.V. Stepanov, E.A. Yudin


The invention relates to metallurgy of tantalum production for construction products and tantalum capacitor. The process for producing tantalum include its zincothermy reduction from mix materials containing tantalum pentachloride and potassium chloride in mass ratio of 1:(0,5+1,0) at temperature increasing from 370 to 720°С and tantalum extracting from reduction products by vacuum-thermal treatment of generated reacting mass. Reduction process is performed while continuous or batch charging of zinc reducing metal to mix material surface. During batch charging, amount of charged reducing agent at temperature increasing for every 40-60° in the range of 370-720°С is 12-17% from general amount of charged reacting agent. Before vacuum-thermal treatment process, reacting mass is cooled and vacuum-thermal treatment is performed at reacting mass initial temperature of 500-510°С and initial pressure of 1•10-1 - 1•10-2 mm Hg by increasing temperature to 1000-1010°С and reaching pressure no more than 1•10-3 mm Hg. Alternative vacuum-thermal treatment performing by steady temperature increasing from 720°С to 1000-1010°С and simultaneous steady pressure reduction from atmospheric one to 1•10-3 mm Hg is proposed. Technological effect is that produced powdered tantalum meet the requirements to tantalum materials used for production of tantalum construction products and tantalum capacitors by its fractional and chemical content. The process is compliant to environmentally friendly technology.

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