Process for titanium slag treatment (2136772)
RF Patent for an invention № 2136772
Published: 10.08.1998



Patent holder (s):
PJSC “State Research and Design Institute of Rare-Metal Industry “Giredmet”


A.A. Golubev, E.P. Bochkaryov, A.V. Elyutin, Y.N. Nazarov, V.A. Krokhin


The invention relates to titanium metallurgy and can be used in chlorine treatment of titanium-containing raw materials. Technological effect is capability of stable process while changing chlorinator production rate and reduce of titanium tetrachloride loss during waste gas output. The process includes mixing of source slag with reducing agent and chlorination in alkali metal chloride melt producing GVM (gas-vapor mixture) containing titanium tetrachloride, salt treatment of GVM in chloride melt, returning melt to chlorinator after salt treatment, condensation of impurity chlorides in spray-type scrubber having generated pulp circulation in chlorinator circuit in amount of 2,0-3,0 t/t TiCl4 and in spray-type scrubber circuit in amount of 80-100 т/т TiCl4, condensation of titanium tetrachloride in spray-type capacitors consecutively using TiCl4 as irrigation liquid at temperatures of 90-1050С, 25-400С, 0-(-15)0С. Slag chlorination in melt is performed at temperature not higher.than 7500С, ТiO2 concentration of 1-4 mass. %, reducing agent of 3-5 mass. %, chlorine and slag ratio equal to (1,48-1,62):1, chlorinating agent feeding linear rate of 20-30 m/s. Chlorination and salt treatment are performed at mole rate of alkali metal chloride to iron chloride impurity and aluminum sum no more than 1, in slag and GVM respectively.

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