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Bulk thermoelectric materials with nanocrystalline structure

termo.JPGBulk thermoelectric nanostructured materials based on chalcogenide bismuth and antimony are produced for efficient energy converters.

Methods of chalcogenide bismuth and antimony solid solutions synthesis and production of nanopowder with particle size of 8-10 nm to produce compact bulk samples by hot pressing method are developed. Creating of nanocrystalline structure leads to thermoelectric efficiency (Q-factor) and mechanical properties increasing.

Material characteristics: 
material thermoelectric Q-factor (ZT) is 1,0-1,1, 
mechanical strength is more than 150 MPa (1500 kg/cm2).

small-scale power generation and energy saving based on thermoelectric generators,
Peltier thermoelectric coo.

Range of application:
optoelectronics, computer engineering, medicine, transportation, environment monitoring, exhaust heat utilization, spacecraft and space stations.

The developed nanostructured material essentially exceeds (upon 15-30%) the world level of industrially produced thermoelectric material by its thermoelectric and mechanical properties.


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