Development and projects

Producing powder materials on the basis of niobium, tantalum and cobalt for electronic and electrical industry products with high operating characteristics

Engineering solutions are based on the hydride technology of producing niobium and tantalum metallic powders with highly-developed surface; being used for producing cobalt metallic powders the solutions include hydride method and soluble anode electrolysis.

New metallic materials of designated purpose, including dual-used products, are necessary for developing new type of powders for microelectronics.

New powder materials on the basis of rare metals ensure creating competitive products and developing profitable technologies of their producing.

New niobium and tantalum powders with specific surface area less than 8000 cm2/g are developed for creating new type of solid-electrolyte capacitors. Prospective consumption volume is 50-80 tons per year.

Cobalt powders with purity 5N, nickel content less than 10 ppm and fineness more than 500 mcm are used for microelectronics. Prospective consumption volume is 15 tons per year.

Primary demand in these materials will be covered by production at the pilot production bases of Federal State Research and Design Institute of Rare-Metal Industry “Giredmet”. Launching the production of the proposed technologies is planned to take place at “CMW” PA, Solikamsk Magnezium Works (“SMW”)JSC,, “Experimental chemico-metallurgical plant of Giredmet” JSC, “Oxid” PA, “Elekond” PA, “Anod” JSC.

New metallic powders and composite materials and technologies have patent clearance and are the subjects of patenting.


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