Development and projects

Luminophor synthesis for X-ray screens and tubes used in plant growing

in_p_6.jpgThe engineering solutions are based on rare-earth metal complex compounds, oxides, sulfides and oxysulfides fine inorganic synthesis methods. The developed technology enabled production of luminophors based on terbium activated gadolinium oxysulfide for intensifying X-ray screens and luminophors based on oxides and rare-earth material aluminates with activators for production of luminous tubes used in plant growing.

in_p_7.jpgLuminophors KFL-544 and R-9 are used for electro-optical transducer screens and photofluorographic unit camera screens production. Radiators with lamps of AF4-30 type are used for seeding growing and plant growth process acceleration. For examination of questioned documents, banknotes, securities with fluorescent marks the special lantern construction with two low-pressure lamps is developed.

Luminophor demand is 13-15 tons per year. Commercial production is planned at LLC “Lumpex”.

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