Development and projects

Gallium based alloys production for clinical thermometers

The engineering solutions are founded on low-melting receipt production methods based on gallium-indium-tin alloy.

Production of new materials based on gallium and development of commercial technology for their production will provide clinical thermometers environmental safety and competitiveness.

Gallium alloys for clinical liquid-metal thermometers used instead of mercury ones will provide economy and full elimination of highly rare in Russia mercury usage for this purposes by 2002.(?) Prospective production and consumption volume is 10 million pieces per year.

Primary demand of socially significant industry branches and researches in these metals will be provided by pilot-production bases of Federal State Research and Design Institute of Rare-Metal Industry “Giredmet”.

Commercial production development is planned at “Termopribor” JSC.

New composite alloys and technologies of their production have patent clearance and are the subjects for patenting.


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