Development and projects

Synthesis and property research of multifunctional superdispersed polyphase materials based on nanocrystalline silicon and silicon nitride which optical properties are controlled in apparent wavelength range

Nanosized silicon production methods based on macrocrystalline powder Ostwald ripening in nitric plasma stream heated to 3500Х weight-average temperature by microwave radiation energy are developed. It is established that nanocrystalline silicon powder samples provide radiation absorption in 200-400 nm spectral region. Complex research of formation mechanisms, modeling and research of silicon-containing nanosystem and nanomaterial properties are made. Research of optical, structural and morphological properties of nanostructured silicon samples is performed. Silicon nanoparticle powders consisted of crystal nucleus and surrounding shell are produced. As their outer shell is covered with silicon oxide layer, they are biologically and toxicologically inert, harmless for human organism and so are of interest for using in biomedical technology field.

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