Development and projects

Research of quantum nanoheterostructure creation technology for middle infrared band radiator based on AlGaAsSb/InGaAsSb grown on InGaSb substrate for perspective optoelectronic usage

Modes of gallium antimonide base blades production for epitaxial growth are worked out, as well as modes of GaSb isoperm A10,55Ga0,45As0,05Sb0,95 – In0,24Ga0,76As0,22Sb0,78 epitaxial heterostructure production. Processing factors in conditions of structure growth by liquid-phase epitaxy method are researched.

InGaSb/GaSb monocrystalline one-layer epitaxial structures containing solid phase indium of 5,6 at.%, and two-layer structures containing indium of 4 at.% are produced. In1-xGaxSb one-layer and two-layer monocrystalline solid solution structures in х=0-0,03 composition range for one-layer structure and in х=0-0,06 composition range for two-layer structure are obtained; as well as three-layer and four-layer solid solution compositions.in In1-xGaxSb From the point of view of upper-layer parameters where х=0,055, the four-layer structure with Вh/2 = 350 ang.sec. end-diastolic volume half-width is proved to be the most perfect one.

Laboratory methods for X-ray diffraction research of In1-xGaxSb epitaxial composition grown on gallium antimonide substrates stabilized in planes (100) and (111) are developed.

Researches on quantum heterostructure creation are performed in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of New York State University.

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