Development and projects

Development of technological basis of А3В5 and А2В6 semiconductor junction high quality monocrystal production for perspective instrument developments

Growth peculiarities and characteristics of cubic gallium nitride thick epitaxial layers on gallium arsenide substrates by method of chloride hydride epitaxy are researched.

Conditions of growth are determined providing production of cubic GaN layers with thickness more than 150 mcm and deposition rate of 70 mcm per hour.

Modes of layer growth are developed providing engineering base for production of cubic gallium nitride layers.

Experimental samples are produced and tested.

Engineering bases of CdZnTe large-size crystal experimental samples growth are developed. CdZnTe crystal experimental samples with parameters by technical requirement are produced and tested.

Engineering bases of indium arsenide and indium antimonide large-sized monocrystal production with high rate of electrophysical parameter identity are researched.

N-type indium arsenide and also n-type and p-type indium antimonide monocrystal experimental samples are produced and tested.

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