Titanium solder alloys

Powder titanium solder alloys are used for formation of high quality construction heat load element compounds produced from titanium and titanium-based alloys of different purpose; ceramics and graphite containing metals.

Basic characteristics:
 Temperature of initial solder alloy melting is 7500o С, temperature of full melting is 8500o С.
 Recommended soldering temperature is equal to 850-9500o С.
 Solder alloy size is: + 50 – 100 mcm.
 Soldering is performed in vacuum or in inert gas medium.
 Application fields: nuclear and aerospace industry, electrical engineering.

homogenized chemical composition of solder alloys having low oxygen content (<0,08 % mass) provides high chemical and structural homogeneity of solder alloys, which leads to uniform melting, fluidity and crystallization, and guarantees stable high quality of solder compound.

The institute delivers batches of powder titanium solder alloys.