Special equipment for semiconductor and metal production



PJCS “Giredmet” Design Department


Equipment for producing refractory and rare metals:
  1. electroluch.jpgelectron-beam units for vacuum treatment of refractory metals
  2. electrolyzer for treatment of metals



Equipment for producing semiconductor materials:
  1. units for producing silicon monocrystals and germanium
    - by Czochralski method
    - by Czochralski method using wall accretion
    - by crucibleless melting method
  2. units for producing semiconductor compound monocrystals (А3В5, А2В6 etc.)
    - by Czochralski method
    - by vertical and horizontal oriented crystallization method
  3. units for producing sapphire monocrystals and other oxides by Kyropoulos procedure and Czochralski method
  4. unit for producing silicon carbide monocrystals by Lely method
  5. units for vacuum thermal treatment and growing indium, gallium, thallium and other monocrystals
  6. units for zone refining of germanium, antimony, bismuth, etc


New developments
  1. “Redmet 90M” setup for growing silicon monocrystals having diameter of 300 мм and length up to 3000 mm by Czochralski method
  2. Unit for producing multicrystal silicon blocks “Multisilicon-27”
  3. Handling machine P1158 for setups used to grow silicon monocrystals by Czochralski method
  4. Crucible container charging device P1048 for setups used to grow silicon monocrystals by Czochralski method
  5. Crucible bunker charging device P1150 for setups to grow silicon monocrystals by Czochralski method
  6. Collet pickup and handling P1018 for crystals having diameter up to 300 mm and length up to 3000 mm
  7. Compact laboratory equipment:

    for growing semiconductor and dielectric material monocrystals

    - setup for growing monocrystals by Czochralski method
    - setup for growing oxide (sapphire, etc.) monocrystals by Kyropoulos technique and Czochralski method
    - crucibleless melting unit

    for melting and thermal treatment of metals and semiconductors

    - electric-arc melting unit
    - refractory metal electric-beam melting unit having horizontal and vertical mould cups
    - vacuum thermal treatment unit (annealing, sintering)



Modernization and improvement of equipment used in production, development of facilities and devices to improve technological processes and increase performance.