Micro and nanocrystalline molybdenum powders

Micro and nanocrystalline molybdenum powders

Characteristics of workable product:

1. Purity: total content of metal impurities in powder is less than 0,005%, content of controlled majority impurities is demonstrated in the following table:

Element ppm mass Element ppm mass Element ppm mass
Li 0,7 Zn <0,2 Hf <0,5
B <0,01 As <0,2 W 9
F 0,08 Zr 0,9 Re 1
Na 0,6 Co <0,3 Nb <0,2
Mg 1 Ni <0,4 Cd <0,2
Al 0,7 Cu 0,9 Pb <0,5
Si 10 Mn 0,3 Bi <0,2
P 0,08 Fe 9 Sn <0,2
S 0,7 Ca 6 Cr 2
Cl 0,5 V <0,2 K 1


2. Dispersion: powders are narrow-fraction and having base fraction content no less than 70% and average particle size of 0,5-1mcm; molybdenum nanopowder average particle size is 22-60 nm.

3. Apparent density: 1,8-2,5 g/cm3

4. Potential production volume: 5-7 tons per year

5. Potential application fields: micro and optoelectronics (targets), nuclear power engineering and aerospace engineering (mirrors, solar battery elements).

6. Consumers and clients: enterprises of microelectronics, power engineering and aerospace engineering.

7. Available characteristics of molybdenum powders, such as high purity, dispersion and breakup homogeneity allow significant increasing of finished product quality and provide competitiveness of workable product.

Workable method of high purity micro- and nanocrystalline molybdenum powder production allows producing other high purity refractory metals and compounds and opens prospects for controlling their dispersion and apparent density.

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