Nanocrystalline titanium dioxide

Nanocrystalline titanium dioxide

 Original technology for low-temperature synthesis of titanium dioxide nanopowder (anatase, rutile or radioamorphous structure) having average particle size from 10 to 100 nm.

Majority impurity content, %: SiO2 – 0,002; Fe – 0,001; Al – 0,001; V – 0,001

Range of application:

  • • Protection from increasing risk of ultraviolet radiation: bioengineering, pharmaceutics, sun-protection creams and lotions, plastic films for product packing, special ultraviolet blocking devices;
  • Protection of woodworks from sunlight (weathering preservation);
  • Automobile industry – coating changing color according to incident direction of light;
  • Catalysts used for heat station gas wastes cleaning (provides reducing of costs for cleaning by 1,7-2 times, reducing of nitrogen oxide concentration in wastes to the amount which is 3 times lower than MPC);
  • Light-sensitive TiO2-photocatalysts used for self-cleaning glass and frontal tiles (photocatalyst and hydrolytic titanium dioxide coating activity);
  • Photoelectric current sources having titanium dioxide nanoparticles mainly used for local power supply of special objects, as they have high efficiency at lack of light.

The Institute delivers batches of titanium dioxide nanopowders.


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