Nanopowders based on titanium, lead and zirconium oxides

Nanopowders based on titanium, lead and zirconium oxides

Technology of producing lead zirconate (PbTiO3-PbZrO3) – salt mixture coprecipitation. Average grain size of produced powders is 18-33 nm.

Lead zirconate-titanate nanopowders are used to produce high quality nanoceramics having extended operational characteristics:

  • residual porosity level is 1%;
  • grain size is about 2 mcm;
  • relative permittivity level is 3000.

Nanoceramic products are used in electronics, telecommunication systems, in aerospace and atomic technologies, in automobile, cable, chemical, oil-and-gas industries, in construction mechanic engineering, household appliances and medicine.

This technology is patented and registered in RF State Register of Inventions on January 20, 2010.

The Institute delivers nanopowders based on titanium, lead, zirconium oxides and nanoceramics.


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