Yttrium oxide nanopowder

Yttrium oxide nanopowder
Yttrium oxide nanopowder

Original technology of yttrium oxide nanopowder production is protected by RF patent.

Average grain size is 20-40 nm.
Particle shape – spherical.


Range of application:

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    Production of optical ceramics having high optical transmission in visible and infrared spectrum, high melting temperature (24000С) and heat resistance. Nanopowders simplify the process of its production (dense ceramics can be produced at lower temperatures).
  • Structural ceramics having high resistance in corrosive medium, high strength and wear resistance (engines, buckets, turbines, wear-resistant parts, etc.)
  • Solid electrolytes in solid oxide fuel cells (ZrO2:Y2O3). Application of nanopowders provides increasing of ionic conduction, strength and crack growth resistance. Such fuel cells are not corroded, and are extremely suitable for natural gas combustion in stationary units.
  • Production of superalloys and low alloys based on chromium (increasing of material creep resistance).
  • Production of fluorescent materials used as components of light-transforming compositions.

The Institute sells production technology and batches of yttrium oxide nanopowders.



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