Cerium oxide nanopowder

Cerium oxide nanopowder
Cerium oxide nanopowder

The technology includes nitrate solution deposition of cerium carbonate while stirring, pulp filtration, drying and tempering.

The technology provides production of cerium dioxide powders having large specific surface (more than 100 m2/g).
Particle shape – cubic
Average grain size is 20-30 nm.

Range of application:

  • Production of automobile catalytic converters. Cerium additions stabilize catalyst work, prevent heating failure and significantly increase activity rating, lead to improvement of СО and NOX, conversion, and have an effect of oxygen accumulator converting nitrogen oxides into nitrogen in oxidizing medium;
  • Adding nanoencapsulated cerium dioxide to engine fuel provides decreasing of optimal combustion temperature of fuel blend and complementary oxygen reserve for its complete combustion, decreasing of emission of harmful substances with waste gases;
  • In catalyst systems in styrolene production and ammonium synthesis.

The Institute offers for selling batches of cerium oxide nanopowders.  


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