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State Research and Design Institute of Rare-Metal Industry “Giredmet” works in the field of scientific research, equipment construction and semiconductor silicon production enterprises design for more than fifty years.

At the present time PJSC “Giredmet” takes part in realization of projects on designing polycrystalline silicon productions with average capacity of more than 20 thousand tons per year.

Technology is based on “Siemens-process”, which is basic method for producing polycrystalline silicon in the world practice.

PJSC «Giredmet» proposes advanced technology for producing polycrystalline silicon, which provides the best production measures for material of “electronic” or “solar” quality

The process is based on method of silicon hydrogen reduction from thrichlorosilane. The singularity of proposed technology is an application of high-performance equipment and recirculation circuits for maximal use of basic substances for target products

To realize proposed advanced technology in commercial production, there must function the following basic process divisions and stages:

  1. Hydrogen and chlorine synthesis of hydrogen chloride.
  2. Synthesis of thrichlorosilane by silicon hydrochlorination.
  3. Dust cleaning of gas-vapor mixture after synthesis of thrichlorosilane.
  4. Separation and treatment of chlorosilanes (rectification).
  5. Silicon hydrogen reduction using gas-vapor mixture such as thrichlorosilane - hydrogen.
  6. Silicon tetrachloride hydrogenation to thrichlorosilane using gas-vapor mixture such as silicon tetrachloride - hydrogen.
  7. Condensation and regeneration of gas-vapor mixture generated during synthesis of thrichlorosilane, as well as in processes of hydrogen reduction and hydrogenation.
  8. Neutralization and utilization of solid, liquid and gaseous production wastes.
  9. Quality control and certification of main raw materials, intermediate and finished products.
  10. Polysilicon preparation for realization as marketable products (chipping, packaging, etc.).


New projects of PJSC “Giredmet” provide significant reducing of unit consumption of raw materials and energy resources comparing with the previous projects


Introduced indexes are attained by set of project and process solutions, particularly including availability of high-performance equipment at the enterprise.

Semiconductor purity polycrystalline silicon is the main raw material for semiconductor engineering products, including discrete and integrated devices of microelectronics and solar photocells.

Indexes (standard specification) of polycrystalline silicon of electronic quality in PJSC “Giredmet” projects:



Optimization of processes and instrument diagrams for production of high quality polycrystalline silicon allows to reach record production measures and significantly reduce production price. At the present time this factor is particularly important to develop alternative energy using solar batteries based on silicon.