Technology for producing polycrystalline silicon


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  Among all semiconductor materials, silicon has a long-time leading position and is used as main raw material in electronic and electrical industries to produce wide range of discrete and integrated semiconductor devices based on it. In the recent years, possibility of using silicon as promising material for nanoindustry constructions, micromechanic devices, etc. was defined.

All those productions begin with polycrystalline silicon, which is subsequently processed into monocrystalline silicon, plates, constructions and other products required for device production. Currently, new branch for using polycrystalline silicon, such as solar power engineering, is fully developed all over the world, as this material has optimal properties for commercial production of solar batteries (photoelectric converters – PC) for using above ground and in space.

Solar batteries are proved to be reliable and environmentally clean energy systems, which can compete with traditional electric energy sources. Environmental law enforcement in many developed countries and constant increasing of hydrocarbon energy prices favour PC popularity.