Magnetron sputtering targets


Magnetron spattering targets are used as cathodes while coating (films), in the form of metals and its compounds – oxides, nitrides, carbides, silicides.


In film coating technology, there are the following basic categories of layers:
 conducting layers and contacts: Al, Ti, Mo, Cr, Co, as well as alloys: Al-Si (0,5-2%), Al-Cu (0,5-4%), Al-Ti (1,5%), AlCuTi, AlSiTi, AlSiCu,
 barrier layers: Ti, Mo, Ta, TiW (10%) and their nitrogen combinations, which are usually formed by reactive sputtering,
 resistive layer: Ta, AlTa, CrSiO and others, which mainly produced by powder metallurgy method.


“Giredmet” Institute developed unique technologies of producing alloys for magnetron spattering targets, which allow holding exact ratio of base high purity metals.

The Institute delivers batches of magnetron spattering targets.