High purity compounds

High purity hafnium
tetrachloride for microelectronics


High purity hafnium tetrachloride is used for creation of isolating dielectric layers while producing new generation microchips (standard is 45 and 32 nm). Produced hafnium tetrachloride has purity of 99,999% by metal impurities excluding zirconium; zirconium content is no more than 200 ppm. Material is delivered in the form of powder in glass sealed ampoules having volume from 1 to 100 g.

Anhydrous iodides
of rare-earth metals


Anhydrous iodides of high purity rare-earth metals are used in metal-halogenide lamps - high-pressure mercury lamps having additions of metal iodides and dysprosium, holmium and thulium iodides. Comparing to average incandescent lamps, such lamps have a number of significant advantages, such as high light efficiency, optical radiation spectrum close to daylight, brightness increased by 20 times, etc.

Besides, application of rare-earth diodes provides new opportunities to create special metal-halide lamps without toxic mercury.
Material characteristics:
ultra dry rare-earth diodes containing no more than 0,01% of REM impurities and 0,005% of other metal impurities. Moisture and oxygen content is no more than 30 ppm. Compounds in the form of powders or flakes are delivered in glass sealed ampoules.

Various metal halogenide
deep purification operations


Various metal high purity halogenide production operations are performed, using high-temperature rectification.

Anhydrous metal halogenides are used for growing monocrystals for laser technology and electronics, organic and inorganic synthesis.

Flow diagram includes preparation of base material and equipment, rectification process and packing finished product on the customer’s request.