Infrared technology

Space and air reconnaissance of territory


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“Meteor-M” №1 spacecraft used for hydrometeorological purpose and equipped with airborne radar complex (ARC) for earth remote sensing.


Providing departments of Russian Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, as well as other establishments with rapid hydrometeorological information to solve the following basic problems:
  • weather analysis and forecast on a regional and global scale; 
  • analysis and forecast of seas and oceans area state, including ice control; 
  • analysis and forecast of aircraft flight conditions; 
  • analysis and forecast of heliophysic situation in near-Earth space (NES), state of ionosphere and geomagnetic field; 
  • monitoring of climate and global fluctuations; 
  • emergency situation control; 
  • ecological monitoring of environment.


Noncontact temperature control (pyrometers)


Devices of atmosphere state control at production and explosive storages


Optical pyrometer RPN-3
Ray path in LATR plate


Infrared spectroscopy devices (ATR, LATR, lenses, prisms, windows)


Infrared lens made of KRS-5 ø100 mm
Windows, plates of LATR, ATR made of KRS-5