TlCl monocrystals

Optical elements for devices used in infrared technology, acoustooptics, laser technology, billets for optical fibers production.


Optical properties:


Spectral transmission band, mcm 0,38 - 35
Spectral transmission coefficient,%  
at wave length of 0,63 mcm 62
at wave length of 2 - 25 mcm 73
Coefficient of laser emission volumetric absorption at wave length of 5-6 and 10,6 mcm, cm-1 5 ·10-4


Physical properties:


Density (20 -25оС), g/cm3 7,02
Melting temperature, оС 439
Knupp microhardness, kg/mm2 12,8
Water solubility, g/100 cm3 0,32


Size of delivered samples:


Diameter, mm up to 100
Thickness, mm up to 60


Capabilities of delivery in the form of boules are up to 20 kg per month, and of delivery in the form of optically processed products are up to 100 pieces per month.


TlCl monocrystal transmission spectrum