KRS-15 monocrystals (TlCl -TlBr)

Cherenkov counters radiators for high-energy particle registration.


Optical properties:


Transmission band, mcm 0,4 - 40
Spectral transmission coefficient,%  
at wave length of 0,63 mcm 70
Refractive index in wave length range of 0,63 mcm 2,2


Physical properties:


Density (20 -25оС), g/cm3 7,2
Melting temperature, оС 430
Knupp microhardness, kg/mm2 26


Radiation properties:


Radiation unit of length, cm 0,94
Operating energy range, GeV up to 70


Chemical properties:


Composition, mass %  
TlCl 80
TlBr 20
Solubility, g/l 3


Size of delivered samples:


Diameter, mm 100
Thickness, mm 200


Delivery capabilities:


In the form of boules, kg per month 50


KRS-15 monocrystal transmission spectrum