Beneficiation of titanium-zirconium sands from placer deposits


The technology involves the following processes:

  • disintegration,
  • classification and sludge washing,
  • gravity separation of sands,
  • refinement of crude concentrates by means of magnetic separation as well as,
  • gravity and electrical separation.

The technology enables the production of ilmenite, rutile and zircon concentrates as well as the following by-products: kyanite concentrate, garnet and rare-earth (monazite) concentrate. It is possible to produce glass and molding sands from gravity tailings. The technology allows users to extract up to 86-90% of valuable components from concentrate.

The quantity of ore sands that can be processed per annum may range from 0.5 to 3 million m3, which enables the annual production of 50-200 thousand tonnes of ilmenite concentrate, 5-30 thousand tonnes of rutile concentrate and 10-50 thousand tonnes of zircon concentrate.

Ilmenite concentrate is a raw material for producing various types of titanium products: titanium dioxide pigments, metallic titanium and its alloys, etc.

Ilmenite concentrates are consumed by the Berezniki Titanium-Magnesium Plant, zircon concentrates – by Chepetsky Mechanical Plant and other industrial enterprises involved in manufacturing ceramics and refractory materials. Rutile concentrate is required for the production of welding electrodes. Services related to the beneficiation of titanium-zirconium sands have been ordered by Norilsk Nickel, Lukoil, the Modernization and Development Foundation "Obshchestvo" and OAO "Russian Mineral Resources."