Rhenium powder

Development of technology for processing rhenium-contained raw materials (induced, natural) resulting in production of ammonium perrhenate of АР-0 grade or rhenium acid by TC-38 301-41-137-90.

Developed technologies can include pyrometallurgical and hydrometallurgical process stages allowing complex processing of base raw material and producing marketable products.

Rhenium and its compounds are used in aircraft and rocket construction (multicomponent alloys used in new generation aircraft and rocket engines), petrochemistry (alumina-platinum catalyst used in oil reforming), electronics, nonferrous and metal-working industries (rhenium-tungsten, rhenium-molybdenum, rhenium-nickel alloys, etc.).

Ammonium perrhenate

Enterprises and organizations interested in producing marketable rhenium-contained materials (ammonium perrhenate and rhenium acid) can be customers for developing rhenium-contained raw material processing technology.

We have technical and process capabilities to process rich rhenium-contained raw materials (alloys, microgrits, crude potassium, sodium, ammonium perrhenate, etc.) producing ammonium perrhenate of АР-0 grade in amount of up to 100 kg per month.