Indium antimonide (InSb)

Indium antimonide monocrystals are used for producing galvanomagnetic devices, optoelectronic devices for environmental control, as well as in defense technology (single and matrix radiation detectors for middle infrared spectrum region).


Growth method Czochralski method
Crystallographic orientation of ingot axis (100), (111)
Minimum ingot diameter, mm 50,8
Material unalloyed alloyed
none Te Ge or Mn
polarity of conductivity n n p
carrier concentration (77K), cm-3 (0,3-3)×1015 3×1015-1×1018 1х1015-5×1018
mobility (77K), cm22/V·sec >4×105
>1×104 6,5×103-1×102
dislocation density, cm-2 ≤200


Delivery of monocrystals having parameters different from those specified in the Table is possible.