Indium arsenide (InAs)


Application field of indium arsenide monocrystals is production of photodetectors, photodiodes and infrared spectrum lasers, as well as electro-optical converters.





Growth method Czochralski method using melt liquid encapsulation (LEC)
Crystallographic orientation of ingot axis (100), (111)
Minimum ingot diameter, mm 50,8; 76,2
Material unalloyed alloyed
none S Zn or Mn
polarity of conductivity n n p
carrier concentration (77К), cm-3 ≤3х1016 1×1017-3×1018 1х1017-5×1019
mobility (77К),
≥40000 ≥10000 ≥100
Dislocation density, cm-2 Ø 50.8 mm

Ø 76.2 mm



Delivery of monocrystals having parameters different from those specified in the Table is possible.