Gallium arsenide (GaAs)


Gallium arsenide monocrystals are used for producing discrete devices and microwave band integrated circuits, discrete and area photodetectors, light-emitting diodes, photocathodes, solar energy converters, ionizing-radiation detectors, optical products for input-output, focusing and IR radiation modulation, etc.



Growth method Czochralski method using melt liquid encapsulation (LEC)
Crystallographic orientation of ingot axis (100), (111), (110), (211), (310)
Minimum ingot diameter, mm 50,8; 76,2
Material semiinsulating semiconducting
unalloyed Si or Те Zn
polarity of conductivity n n p
carrier concentration, cm-3 - 1×1017-3×1018 1х1017-3×1019
specific resistance, Ohm·cm >1×107 - -
>5000 4200-1200 170-40
dislocation density, cm-2 Ø 50.8 mm

Ø 76.2 mm



Delivery of monocrystals having parameters different from those specified in the Table is possible.