CdZnTe substrates

 Monocrystalline CdZnTe substrates




composition CdTe у mol fraction 0,03÷0,10
crystallographic orientation (111)±0,50
sizes, mm ø30, 20×20
sizes, mm ø37, 25×25
sizes, mm ø45, 30×30
thickness, mm (0,8÷1,1)±0,1
dislocation density, cm-2 ≤(0,8-1,0)×105
Optical transmission in the area of 2,5÷16 mcm, % ≥50
surface condition two-sided mechanochemical polishing


Surface quality and CdZnTe substrate microrelief height


Potential production volume: up to 1000 cm2 per year.

Potential application field: production of photodetectors for spectral range of 2-5 and 8-12 mcm.

Product consumers: FSUE NPO "Orion", SRI PP of RAS Siberia department.


CdZnTe-4(1).jpg CdZnTe-5(1).jpg