CdHgTe epitaxial layers

Parameters of CdxHg1-xTe epitaxial structures of n and p-type (Experimental-industrial production)


working surface sizes, mm2 ø30, 20×20
working surface sizes, mm2 ø37, 20×30
layer thickness, mcm 15±5
composition, CdTe mol fraction, x x=0,208÷0,230
composition homogeneity by area, CdTe mol fraction CdTe, Δx ±0,002
polarity of conductivity n, p
majority carrier concentration at 77К, cm-3 n=(1,0÷5,0)·1014
majority carrier mobility at 77К, cm2/V·sec µn≥1,0·105
photoconduction relaxation time (77К), sec ≥3·10-7(n-type)

dislocation density, cm-2 <5·104
lineages, second phase inclusions none




Potential production volume: up to 1000 cm2 per year.

Potential application field: production of photodetectors for spectral range of 3-5 and 8-12 mcm.

Product consumers: PJSC "Metallurgical Plant "Sapfir", FSUE NPO "Orion", FSUE NPO "Alfa"