Cadmium-zinc-tellurium crystals (CdZnTe)



Cadmium-zinc-tellurium (CdZnTe) is a material for detectors and ionizing radiation spectrometers working at room temperature.

Solid solution crystals are semiconductor material which properties allow to use it for gamma-ray detection while radiation monitoring and spectroscopy, in medical devices, dosimetry and environmental control, as well as in astrophysics and space technology.


Crystal parameters
solid solution composition, х, mol fraction 0,10
crystal diameter, mm  80-100
resistivity, Ohm·cm, and more 1,0 ·  109
µτe  parameter for electrons, cm2/V, more than 0,8 10-3
µτр parameter for holes, cm2/V, more than 0,1· 10-5


Parameters of device crystal elements based on CdZnTe:  
sensing element area, mm2 5x5(10x10)
sensing element thickness, mm 1,5 - 5,0
energy resolution in spectrometer having sensing element area of 10x10 mm2 at energy of 59,64 keV, less than 3,0


CdZnTe-2.jpg Potential production volume: up to 1000 crystal elements per year.

Potential application field: detectors and ionizing radiation spectrometers.

Product consumers: enterprises of “Rosatom”, RAS.