Production and service

Gallium of 7N (99,99999) grade, produced from wastes of semiconductor production with the following dosed casting to within 0,1 g (cast weight is from 0,1 to 2 kg)
State Research and Design Institute of Rare-Metal Industry “Giredmet” is engaged in technology development, as well as in direct laboratory production of wide range of materials used for:

  • high-performance ionizing-radiation detectors;
  • thermoelectric converters (for generators and refrigerators);
  • semiconductor sensors of wide functionality;
  • visualization of various radiations and scintillators;
  • and others.

“Giredmet” specialists produce:

  • targets and materials for film deposition by sputtering and evaporation;
  • wear-resistant coatings based on silicon carbide, titanium nitride and high purity pyrocarbon;
  • monocrystals and wafers of gallium arsenide, indium arsenide and indium phosphide; monocrystals of gallium antimonide and indium antimonide;
  • CdZnTe substrates;
  • CdHgTe epitaxial layers;
  • epitaxial structures of mercury-cadmium-tellurium solid solutions used for infrared photodetector arrays;
  • photodetectors based on HgCdTe;
  • CdTe and CdZnTe ionizing-radiation detectors;
  • Bi and Sb chalcogenides and cooling modules based on them;
  • and others.