Semiconductor Metallurgy

Semiconductor Materials Metallurgy


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    Polycrystalline silicon plant. Trichlorosilane synthesis branch. Hohhoto, China. 2009.
    Podolsk Chemical and Metallurgical Plant ("PCMP") - semiconductor germanium was first produced in 1956, and starting from 1958 the plant began to produce semiconductor silicon. Further, the plant built and started up polycrystalline silicon (1978) and monosilicon (1985) work-shops.
  • Dniprovsk Titanium and Magnesium Plant (at present “ZTMK") - is the "firstborn" of industrial production of semiconductor silicon compounds.
  • Kyrgyz Mining and Processing Plant - silicon wafers, silicon structures and single-crystal silicon.
  • Donetsk chemical and metallurgical plant ("DCMP") - polycrystalline silicon.In 90s "DCMP" became the largest producer of polysilicon in the country.
  • Pure metals plant - gallium arsenide and phosfide, monocrystalline silicon, silicon structures.
  • Tash-Kumyr semiconductor materials plant ("TKSMP") - a project of this plant included accumulated decades of experience in design and operation of semiconductor materials production.
  • Krasnoyarsk semiconductor silicon plant (“KSSP”) - is under construction. 1-st launch complex has been brought to exploitation recently.