Mining and Processing Department

Mining and Processing Department consists of four specialized groups:
  • geology;
  • open cast mining, 
  • underground mining, 
  • enrichment.

The backbone of Mining department consists of professionals, including PhDs, having rich experience in manufacturing, teaching at universities and design works. Leading experts of department are State Reserve Committee experts and authors of several books on mining.

Since the foundation of the Institute, the main activity of mining and processing division is design of mining factories. Professional skills of “Giredmet” experts allows performance of design works of almost any level of complexity. These include opening and preparing the mine fields, choosing system design, calculations of mines ventilation and dewatering.

Mining and Processing Department of “Giredmet” jointly with other divisions of the Project Division has fully integrated the development of geological, mining, engineering, and mechanical parts of the projects at various stages of design (FS of exploratory condition and business plans, banking feasibility studies, projects, working documentation) for mining and processing enterprises of any profile of practice.

During the design works it is taken into account the experience of works with advanced production technologies, which allows to select and offer to the employer the most rational ways of solving the mining deposits problems in any mining-geological conditions.

Design works are carried out using modern software, including methods of geostatistical modeling. In order to ensure that project documentation is prepared in accordance with current SNIP, rules and regulations, a computer database "Stroykonsultant", constantly updated by GOC NA Construction Committee of Russia, is used.


Specialists of Department participated in the design of documentation for the following businesses of Rare-Metal Industry:
  • Upper Dnieper (Volnogorsk) Mining and Metallurgical Combine - based on Malyshevskoe field - provided the establishment of domestic industry of titanium and zirconium;
  • “Irshansky GOK” SE - based on Lemnensk and Stremigorodsk fields - has solved the problem of supply of ilmenite concentrate - raw material for titanium industry;
  • “Lovozersky GOK” Ltd - based on the fields of Karnasurt and Umbozero - provides domestic production of loparite concentrate - raw material for rare metals production;
  • “Orlovsky GOK” JSC - based on Orlovsk (tantal) and Spokoynensk (tungsten) fields;
  • Kyrgyz Mining and Metallurgical Combine - based on Aktyuzsk and Kutessaysk fields - has provided supply of complex raw material for producing compounds of rare earth elements;
  • Yaregsk Mining and Chemical Combine - based on comprehensive field of heavy oil and titanium ore - became a titanium production base of raw materials;
  • “Vishnevogorsky GOK” JSC - production of pirochlorum concentrates for ferrotitanium used in ferrous metallurgy.


In recent years Department has participated in the following project works:
  • “Construction of "Muraevnya GOK" JSC based on quartz sand field, production capacity of 220 thousand tons / year”,.Ryazan region, Miloslavsky district;
  • "Feasibility Study (draft) of the concentrating plant "Muraevnya" construction on the basis of quartz sand with capacity of 1200 tons / year and the primary taxiway”,.Ryazan region, Miloslavsky district;
  • "Feasibility study of exploration conditions of the Ore field named after V. Grib." Arkhangelsk Region;
  • "Feasibility study of TaO, NbO, ZTRO debt stocks of Yareg oil-titanium field from the RF minerals reserves state balance”,.Komi Republic,Ukhta;
  • YAGHK. "Construction of a mine field 3 bis at the development of Oskol horizon to the oil of Yareg filed with thermal method”,Komi Republic, Ukhta;
  • "Feasibility Study (draft) of the 1-st stage of Yareg MCC construction";
  • "Information and consultation support of peer review materials of "Feasibility Study (draft) of construction of the 1-st stage of YAGHK " by potential investors";
  • "Feasibility Study of activities to improve estimates of the feasibility study (draft) of the construction of the 1st stage of YAGHK with capacity of 650 thousand tons of ore per year”;
  • Technical and economic assessment of mining and processing plant construction based on Khabarovsk Region fields, with tail economy, circulating water and hydraulic transport”, Khabarovsk Region;
  • Rationale of operating conditions for ore at sites of Lovozero rare-metal fields, the mine of "Karnasurt" (FS), Murmansk region.;
  • “Feasibility study on transmission of +540 ... +600 m ore bodies № 31, № 10 of "Central" filed to the open mining circuit”;
  • “Adjustment of the Detailed design "Open cast mining at the " Central " field to include stocks of horizons +540 ... +600 m of ore bodies № 31, № 10 to the open circuit refinement”,Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District in 90km from Salekhard c.;
  • “Rationale for investment to construction of Iturup MPC, based at Ruchar and Raydov titanium-magnetite fields”,Sakhalin region, Kuril district;
  • “Scoping study of exploratory condition of Pravourmiy field”, Khabarovsk Region;
  • “Scoping study of exploratory condition of stock conversion of titanium-zirconium "Central" field”. Tambov region.

List of works