Architecture and Construction Department


Architecture and construction department is a part of Design Department of “Giredmet” JSC and together with Technology and General Engineering Department performs design works on architectural and construction design projects for industrial and industrial-and-civil purpose:

  1. Raw materials objects of rare metals industry:
    -buildings and structures of mining and mining-chemical complexes,
    -arrangement of the mines and quarries,
    -concentrators and all constituent buildings.

  2. Objects of rare metals metallurgy production:
    -metallurgical plants,
    -metallurgy raw material preparing plants,
    -support and warehouse buildings and structures,
    -interplant communication (overpass, conveyor galleries),
    -bins, silos, shelves, crane trestles and other engineering structures.

  3. Objects of metallurgy production of semiconductor materials:
    -hydrogen recovery work-shops (explosive manufacturing),
    -chlorosilanes separation and purification work-shops (tall steel shelves),
    -hydrogen stations,
    -nitrogen stations,
    -monocrystalline silicon, silicon wafers and solar cells work-shops,
    -repair and support services buildings,
    -waste recycling work-shops.

  4. Buildings and structures in other industries.

  5. Industrial and civilian targets:
    -administrative buildings of industrial enterprises,
    -office buildings,
    -people services buildings,
    -fitness centers,
    -buildings on maintenance of vehicles and parkings,
    -other public buildings.

  6. Design solutions:
    - reconstruction, improvement of buildings of old construction, 
    - strengthening of emergency and damaged buildings, structures and its complexes.

  7. Design and calculation of:
    - stone and reinforced masonry structures,
    - concrete and reinforced concrete structures,
    - metal constructions,
    - wooden structures,
    - grounds,
    - foundations,
    - construction of zero-cycle of buildings and structures.
The list of works on preparation of project documentation for all the above capital construction projects include:
  • evelopment of architectural decisions
    - concept and pre-proposal;
    - schematic design;
    - construction of 3D models;
    - completion of working drawings; 
    - noise and heat protection;
    - calculation of insulation of buildings and territories;
    - supervision and technical assistance in construction process.

  • preparation of land organizational scheme

  • development of design and space-planning decisions

  • execution of "Fire Safety"section»

The Institute is a member of self-governing organization SGO NP “Soyuzatomproekt” and has a certificate N CPO P-10-00005 06082009 on admission to work, impacting on particularly hazardous, technically difficult, unique, and other objects of capital construction during preparation of project documentation.

List of works