A standard sample of single cristals orientations (silicon), a set of OMC



Purpose and scope:
SS of orientation of crystals (silicon), set OMK is used for calibration, control of the metrological characteristics of diffractometers, such as SCS-25 E, URS-50E. DRON-2.0, DRC-2M and other alike. Application: metallurgy, electronic industry.

Orientation SS are represented by geometric shape of the single-crystal silicon of cylindrical shape with height (5-10) mm. Non-working side of the sample is plotted with axes, one of which coincides with the base cut.

Normalized metrological characteristics:

SS Index in the set Qualified response Designation of physical quantities SS certified value Absolute error values of qualified SS/em>
SS 48-0572-288(1)-2005 Deflection angle plane of cut of a single crystal from the orientation plane (111) Degrees, Minutes  00±8'  1'
SOP 48-0572-288(2)-2005 0020'±8'  1'
SOP 48-0572-288(3)-2005  0040'±8'  1'
SOP 48-0572-288(4)-2005   10±8'  1'

Expiration of SS, or control period:
Shelf-life of SS - 3 years from the date of issue (certification or recertification)