Standard samples of the time constant of relaxation of photoconductivity (monocrystalline silicon)




Purpose and scope:
Constant relaxation time of photoconductivity SS are designed for testing and calibration of measuring the lifetime by photoconductivity decrease of Tau-201, Tau-101, LM-1 type and other related technical and metrological characteristics.

SO is a geometric figure of monocrystalline silicon cylindrical shape and height of 6 mm and less than 75 mm in diameter, mounted stationary on a dielectric base. The samples are grouped in a set; the set includes 9 SS with different relaxation time of photoconductivity and resistivity of 1000 Ohm·cm.

Standardized metrological characteristics:
Relaxation time of photoconductivity in the range of 1600-17 mks. Error in establishing of attestation values - no more than 10%.

Expiration of SS, or control period:
Expiration of SS - 2 years from the repeated quality test in “Giredmet” JSC.