Standard samples of the Hall voltage and resistivity (monocrystalline silicon)



Purpose and scope:
Hall voltage and resistivity SS are designed for testing and calibration of instrument and determination of concentration and mobility of charge carriers of semiconductor materials by Hall method.

SS is made in the form of geometric figure of monocrystalline silicon of size (10x10x0, 2) mm, fixed in the insulating body of the sample holder. The samples are combined into a set, the set includes 7 SS of a different value of concentration of charge carriers.

Normalized metrological characteristics:
Hall voltage (mV) and electrical resistivity (Ohm·cm). Error in establishing of attestation values - no more than 2%. Terms of SS appraisal: - Accuracy of current measurement 0,1%. The presence of magnetic induction of 2,000 gauss. Heterogeneity of magnetic induction up to 0,05% per 1 cm2. Temperature measurement of resistivity 23 (plus/minus) 0.5 degrees. Accuracy of assessment of SS thickness is no more than 1%.

Expiration of SS or control period:
Expiration of SS - 2 years from the repeated quality test in “Giredmet” JSC.