Standard samples of resistivity for the two-probe method (monocrystalline silicon)




Purpose and scope:
SS of resistivity of this type is designed for meteorological studies and calibration of measuring of electrical resistivity of 2-probe method, for development of reference materials company, for certification of measurement of electrical resistivity by 2-probe method.

SS of resistance is represented in a geometrical shape of the single-crystal silicon with dimensions (60х14х14) mm3. Working surfaces are polished (Ra less than 0.63). Ohmic contacts are plotted at the end sides of SS. The samples are grouped into a set; the set includes 7 SS with different electrical resistivity in the range of 0.01-1000 Ohm·cm. Certification area - central zone of sample with length of 20 mm (on all four faces). Type of conductivity - n-type. A set of standard samples includes a body-holder for SS simulating the single-crystal ingot, allowing measurement of standard samples in the working units for measurement of electrical resistance by two-probe technique.

Normalized metrological characteristics:
Resistivity in the range of 0.01-1000 Ohm·cm. Error in establishing attestation values - no more than 4%.

Expiration of SS or control period:
Expiration of SS - 2 years from the repeated quality test in “Giredmet” JSC.