The state standard samples of resistivity (monocrystalline silicon), set WERS




Purpose and scope:
SS of resistivity (monocrystalline silicon), a set of WESR is designed for testing and calibration of measuring instruments (MI) and resistivity by 4-probe method (GOST 19658-81, GOST 24392-80), of "Rometer", "Metric M -44 "," Metric M-124 " type , and other related technical and metrological characteristics. Scope: state control, metallurgy, instrument-making.

SS of resistivity represents geometric shape of single-crystal silicon of cylindrical shape with height of 6 mm, diameter of 25-30 mm, packed in an aluminum box.

Normalized metrological characteristics:
Attestation characteristics: electrical resistivity, Ohm·cm:

SS number Allowed certified values
4366-88 150-350
4367-88 378-882
4368-88 960-2240
4369-88 2400-5600

Accuracy of SS certified values:
Boundaries of permissible values of the relative error make 2% for the GSO with resistivity 1000 Ohm·cm, and 3% for GSO with resistivity above 1000 ohm cm at the confidence level of 0.95.

Expiration of SS, or control period:
Expiration of SS - 5 years from the repeated quality test in “Giredmet” JSC.