The state standard samples of resistivity (silicon single-crystal n-type), set




Purpose and scope:
SS of resistivity (silicon single-crystal n-type), a set, designed for testing and calibration of measuring instruments (MI) and resistivity by 4-probe method of "Metric M-44", "Metric M-124", "Rometer" type and other similar technical and metrological characteristics. Scope - state control, metallurgy, instrumentation.
Область применения – госнадзор, металлургия, приборостроение.

SS is a geometric figure of monocrystalline silicon of cylindrical shape with height of 6 mm and diameter of 25-30 mm, packed in an aluminum box.

Normalized metrological characteristics:
Attestation characteristic - specific electrical resistance, Ohm·cm:

SS number Allowed certified values
332-73 0,006-0,014
333-73 0,015-0,035
334-73 0,24-0,560
338-73 0,60-1,40
340-73 1,5-3,5
341-73 3,8-8,8
606-74 0,0024-0,0056
607-74 0,038-0,088
608-74 0,096-0,224
609-74 9,6-22,4
610-74 24-56
611-74 60-140

Accuracy of SS certified values:
The boundaries of permissible values of the relative errors are 2.0% at the confidence probability of 0,95.

Expiration of SS or control period:
Expiration of SS - 5 years from the repeated quality test in “Giredmet” JSC